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Outdoor portraits have the potential to be absolutely stunning, but choosing the perfect background is key. From scenic landscapes to urban skylines, there are countless backgrounds you can choose from for your outdoor portrait. In this comprehensive look at backgrounds for outdoor portraits, we'll explore the different types of backgrounds you can use, the importance of choosing the right background, and how to find the perfect background for your outdoor portrait. Outdoor portrait photography can be a great way to capture a unique shot of a person or group. However, without the right background, your photo can look unprofessional or even incomplete.

Here are some tips for choosing the right background for your outdoor portrait photos:1.Consider the Subject: When selecting a background for your outdoor portrait, think about the subject of the photo. The background should complement the subject, whether they are wearing casual clothing or formal attire.

2.Natural Backgrounds:

Natural backgrounds such as trees, shrubs, and foliage can be a great way to add depth and texture to a photo. Natural backgrounds also provide a soft, natural light that can be flattering to the subject.

3.Urban Backgrounds:

Urban backgrounds such as buildings, streets, and graffiti can provide a unique backdrop for outdoor portraits.

When selecting an urban background, make sure it doesn't overpower the subject or take away from the focus of the photo.

4.Man-Made Objects:

Man-made objects such as benches, walls, and statues can provide a great contrast to natural backgrounds. These objects can also create interesting shadows and highlights that can add depth to a photo.

5.Background Color:

The color of the background can have a significant impact on an outdoor portrait.

Bright colors will draw attention to the subject while softer colors will help to blend the subject into the background.


Lighting plays an important role in outdoor portrait photography. Natural lighting is often the best choice as it can provide a soft, even light that is flattering to the subject. Make sure you select a location with good natural lighting or bring your own lighting equipment if needed.

Tips for Choosing the Right Background

When it comes to outdoor portrait photography, selecting the right background is often overlooked but can be an important factor in creating a professional-looking image.

To choose the right background, consider factors such as the subject of the photo, natural and urban backgrounds, man-made objects, color, and lighting. When choosing a background for your outdoor portrait, the subject of the photo should be taken into account. Is the subject a person or a group of people? If so, what elements of their outfit could be highlighted by the background? If the subject is an object, like a car or a piece of art, what kind of environment would enhance its features?Natural and urban backgrounds can each offer their own unique elements to an outdoor portrait. Natural backgrounds can feature elements such as trees, plants, and animals that may enhance the image. Urban backgrounds can provide an interesting contrast to the subject with buildings, street art, and other urban elements. Man-made objects can also provide interesting elements to an outdoor portrait.

Benches, fountains, sculptures, and other man-made objects can add interest to the background without detracting from the subject. Additionally, these objects can be used to create a sense of scale in the image. Color is another important factor to consider when selecting a background for an outdoor portrait. Colors that complement the subject's outfit can add a pop of color that will make the image stand out. Additionally, colors that contrast with the subject's outfit can create an interesting juxtaposition that can draw attention to the subject. Finally, lighting should also be taken into account when selecting a background for an outdoor portrait.

Natural light or artificial light sources can be used to create moods or focus attention on certain elements of the image. Additionally, shadows from natural light sources can provide interesting depth to an image. Choosing the right background for your outdoor portrait photos is essential for creating a professional looking image. Consider the subject of your photo, natural and urban backgrounds, man-made objects, color, and lighting when selecting a background. With these tips and ideas in mind, you can ensure that your next outdoor portrait will look its best!.

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